Frequently Asked Questions for TEDxYouth@Seattle Volunteering


Is there an application process for volunteering?

Yes, there is an application process in place. The application is up on the website.

Is there an application process to become a speaker at TEDxYouth@Seattle Event?

Stay tuned for the application to be up on the website early winter.

How many hours do students typically need to volunteer weekly TEDxYouth@Seattle?

The hours are variable where some weeks it may be less and other weeks it will be more. Each team at TEDxYouth@Seattle is different and will vary in hours from week to week.

The event is in Spring 2019 and the teams will all be working until then and some until the end of 2019.

Opportunities are also available for volunteering on the day of the event. Please keep an eye on our website and social media accounts where we will announce day of opportunities .

What are the various teams available and examples of tasks?

Communications Team 

Below are examples of few of the roles and tasks required:

  • Social Media 
  • Branding
  • Copywriting – Newswriting
  • Website Design – maintenance of website

Speaker Team 

  • Design a process and choose speakers for the April 2019 event
  • Help to train speakers in public speaking, creating PowerPoint slides, and presentation skills
  • Work one-on-one with speakers to be their point of contact and connection to the TEDxYouth team
  • Collaborate with other TEDxYouth@Seattle teams such as Partnerships, Communications and Production team.

Volunteer management

  • Students who enjoy working with people, organizing events, helping onboard new team members, and sourcing and selecting team members. This person is the main point of contact for volunteers and manages all volunteers on day of event. Collaborate with all TEDxYouth@Seattle teams.


  • Student who are interested in video, media, lighting, sound, music and theater production. Collaborate with all TEDxYouth@Seattle teams.

Partnerships Team

  • Student who partner with businesses and community leaders for fundraising and donations

Logistics/Event Organizer

  • Oversee the organization for day of event.
  • Main point of contact for venue, coordinating receipt of all materials and supplies from donations and ensuring they are available to be brought to the venue on date of event.
  • Collaborate with all TEDxYouth@Seattle teams to ensure smooth production event

Youth Leaders of each team (mentioned below) are requested to participate in an organizers workshop on Friday 16 November & to attend TEDxSeattle conference on Saturday 17 November at McCaw Hall. If you are part of a team but not leading a team you will be notified about when and where your first team meeting will take place.

Do I get paid? How am I compensated?

We are a 100% volunteer team. Although we don’t provide money, because we are a non-profit you can possibly get volunteer service hours, school credit, or internship credit. Please check with your schools.

What is the scope of what I need to do?

Based on which team you decide to join, an overview of tasks and responsibilities will be provided. If you have any additional ideas, please let your team leader know.

What if I want to be both a volunteer and a speaker at the event?

Unfortunately, we do not allow volunteers to also be speakers because of the time commitment required for each role. Should you choose to apply to be a speaker and are not selected, please contact a team leader if you are still interested in volunteering at that point.

Come join our team to empower and inspire youth to share ideas worth spreading!