Photography workshop


If I could see with your eyes, what would I see? What if one visual could tell me your story, what would it be? The ocean, a leaf, people smiling, hands, eyes, your dog, the night sky? I would like to challenge youth participating in our 8-week visual storytelling  mentorship to learn to use visual storytelling as a language that allows the viewer to see beyond the mundane, the obvious, without judgement or prejudice.

I AM WHAT I SEE / I SEE WHAT I AM is a question/statement that allows the photographer and the viewer to start a conversation about the  world we see and how it shapes us. What if we stopped and asked ourselves – what am I seeing? How is it making me feel? What visual would I choose to tell the world my story, my values, my uniqueness, my way of fitting in, or rebelling against something.  It almost feels impossible to choose one image to tell our story, but have we ever  really tried to tell that story?

Our 8-week mentorship program will culminate with a visual exhibition of student’s work during the TEDxYouth@Seattle “It’s Time” event on Saturday, May 4th.

Instructor: Mary Gomez Camba, Photographer, TEDx Speaker, Visual Storyteller, founder of The Think Visual Project.

Ages 13-23

Sunday class in North Green Lake starting at 10am to 12pm. Location: The Think Visual Project Studio, 8807 Midvale Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103 Location While most classes will be indoors, we will go on walks and field trips. Locations TBD

Materials : any camera ( DSLR ), smartphone, or video cameras are appropriate. A DSLR with interchangeable lenses and a 50MM lens are ideal.

Activities and procedures: we will discuss the history of photography, editing techniques, composition, lights, visual narrative, and choosing images for exhibition. Participants will have one to one access to instructor feedback as well as have hands-on experience with equipment and studio lighting

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