What is the weekly time commitment?
The hours may vary depending on team but usually the commitment is no more than 10 hours a week.
The event is in Spring 2019 and the teams will all be meeting weekly and working together until the event, which will be an all day commitment.
Opportunities are also available for volunteering on the day of the event and volunteers will need to be available for a volunteer onboarding and training day prior to the event.

Do I get paid? How am I compensated?
We are 100% volunteer team. Although we don’t provide money, since we are a non-profit, you can possibly get volunteer service hours, school credit, or internship credit. Please check with your schools.

What is the scope of what I need to do?
Based on which team you decide to join, an overview of tasks and responsibilities will be provided. If you have any additional ideas, please let your team leader know.

What if I want to be both a volunteer and a speaker at the event?
Unfortunately, we do not allow volunteers to also be a speaker because of the time commitment required for each role. Should you choose to apply to be a speaker and are not selected, please contact a team leader if you are still interested in volunteering at that point.